a.1    2x2 photo (3 copies, white background) 1x1 photo (1 copy)                                  a.2    Police Clearance                                                                                             a.3    Court Clearance                                                                                            a.4    Mayor’s Clearance                                                                                          a.5    Drug Test result from an institution accredited by the PNP with OR                         a.6    DI (Directorate for Intelligence) Clearance with OR                                                a.7    Neuro Psychiatric Test with OR                                                                         a.8    Gun Safety Seminar Certificate (Accredited Gun Club) with OR                               a.9    Community Tax Certificate                                                                                a.10   Photocopy of Passport and Birth Certificate for FOREIGN SOUNDING NAMES

PLUS: The following ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS defending on type/status/occupation of the applicant

Type/Status/Occupation                               Additional Requirements



Private Employee                                                            




Government Employee                                                                                                     

Government Official                                                                                                               

In the Name of Entity/ Company/Security Agency

1. Audited Financial Statement certified by the CPA                2. Income Tax Return/Business Name

1. Certificate of Employment appearing monthly compensation    2. Income Tax Return

1. Copy of Priviledged Tax Receipts (PTR)                            2. Income Tax Return

1. Treasure’s Certificate showing Assesed Value of Property    2. Photocopy of land title                                                   3. Income Tax Return

1. Copy of retirement papers/Copy of Special Order of                  Separation from Service                                                 2. Certificate Pension Benefits

1. Copy of Appointment                                                       2. Income Tax Return                                                         3. PC Form # 3 to be endorsed by immediate superior                Note: Need not submit clearances listed in a.2, a.3, & a.4

1. Copy of Oath of Office/Appointment                                2. Income Tax Return                                                       3. PC Form # 3                                                                   Note: Need not submit clearances listed in a.2, a.3, & a.4

1. Photocopy of the SEC and DTI registration                       2. Financial Statement                                                     3. Request letter for the issuance of the firearm in the name of The Company addressed to the Director General, PNP       (Attn: Chief, Firearms & Explosives Division)                            4. License to Operate (for Security Agency ONLY)                   5. List of Guards (for Security Agency ONLY)

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